Summer Hostess Gift Ideas

Giving gifts is very near to my heart. I get so much joy out of putting together the perfect gift for someone, and I think it's important for gifts to be thoughtful and useful. Hostess gifts are one of my favorite ways to express gratitude. They don't have to be extravagant, and they are such a great way to thank someone who has opened up their home to you.

 Summer Hostess Gift Ideas from Pen & Paint |

I have a simple, yet thoughtful idea for your hostess gifts this Summer.  I'm actually using putting all this together for a friend who invited us to enjoy her vacation home next month. Each of these items alone would be an affordable hostess gift for a shower, or you can choose to give a collection of goodies depending on the circumstances and your budget.

 Summer Hostess Gift Ideas from Pen & Paint |

First, I picked up a cute metal bucket to put everything in (I found it at Walmart, but Michael's or Hobby Lobby always have things like this for under $5). I filled the bucket with crinkle paper and placed in it a lemon kitchen towel and set of 'Hello Sunshine' note cards from the shop along with this citrus candle and a fresh lemon, and completed the gift with a thank you note. I think she will love it!

If you need more ideas for hostess gifts Pen & Paint has other kitchen towels and note card sets to choose from. 

 Summer Hostess Gift Ideas from Pen & Paint |

Not sure if you need to bring a hostess gift? There is, of course, hostess gift etiquette, but I personally think its okay to show gratitude with a simple, thoughtful gift any time you think is best.