We thanked { days 24 - 30 }

Thanksgiving was wonderful.
Short version:
We thanked, we ate, we napped.
Long version:
It was complete chaos in our house with me cooking, the boys running around like turkeys, Mr.Wonderful trying to keep the peace, and Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on two televisions.
I contributed green bean casserole and butternut squash casserole (think heaven in your mouth with pecans and brown sugar on top). I also baked my first apple pie (thanks to Alison). Everything turned out wonderful.
As we walked across the street to my parents (which took three trips-one with boys, one with food, one with a high chair) I smiled and teared up. My heart was full.

I am thankful for:
24. Dessert on special occasions, heck, dessert any time. Pictured above my mama's wonderful pumpkin pie with only 1/4 of the actual Cool Whip I eat with my pie.
25. The way the boys' hair look after nap time. Charlie's hair is always messy and Jack wakes up with a faux-hawk like this:

26. The Magic Eraser. Charlie used a red crayon on our kitchen floor yesterday, and after I disciplined him I made it magically disappear within 5 seconds.
27. Mr.Wonderful's sense of humor and ability to make awkward/serious situations silly. I am often too serious and he reminds me to lighten up.
28. Friends who use their talents/gifts to benefit you and others even when they don't have to.
29. The way my boys play together... Of course as I type this I hear, "No, Babe (Charlie calls Jack 'Babe') hit me!"
30. Memories. Recording things I am thankful for over the past 30 days made me stop and think about all the things I cherish, big and small.

I am thankful I can share things with you.

giving thanks { days 18 - 23 }

I am thankful for:
18. The little hands of my two boys. They make lots of messes, but they sure are sweet, and I know they won't be little for long.
19. Ready made pie crust. I am making my first pie ever for Thanksgiving, and you better believe Pillsbury will be helping out.
20. Traditions. Robbie and I began the tradition of putting up our Christmas tree and decorations on Thanksgiving night. I can't wait to see the wonder on the boys' faces on Friday morning when they walk into the living room. Speaking of wonder, I wonder how many ornaments Jack will break this year. #herewego
21. Clean clothes. Though laundry isn't my favorite thing, I am so thankful to have a working washer and dryer. 
22. My sweet little home.
23. Hugs.

What are you thankful for today?

giving thanks { days 10-17 }

I am thankful for:
10. A supportive family. My family lives extremely near by (like across the street). It is a huge blessing to have them so close, not to mention unlimited access to a free babysitter [wink].
11. My flat iron. Trust me, on days like yesterday where the humidity was like 165% in South Georgia, everyone is happy that the mane can be tamed.
12.  Friends. I am talking about the kind you can pick up where you left off with. The kind who pray for you, and don't just say they will. The kind who understand and forgive you for not being there when you should have been. The kind who know you well enough not to say anything or to speak up. You know the friends I am talking about.
13.  Nicknames/terms of endearment... What you don't like being called Googly Bear?
14.  Fridays. They have to be my favorite day of the week. Even though I am already at home all week, and I don't get a chance to sleep-in on the weekends, it's just a good day knowing I have two days with Mr.Wonderful home.
15. Good music and the chance to have it all on this little device I can take with me anywhere.
16. Morning walks with the boys (they ride, I walk). We go the same route, and the same things happens every time: Charlie says, "Yeehaw!" when we depart, Charlie points out our shadows, Charlie greets two dogs and Jack barks and pants, I pick a piece of bamboo growing on the side of the road because pandas eat bamboo and Charlie has to have some too, and we wave to the people who work at Pop's.
17. Cheese. If I am ever told to give up dairy I might not survive.

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What are you thankful for today?

giving thanks { days 4-9 }

I am continuing my 30 days of thanks {see days 1-3}.
I was so inspired by Elizabeth Caldwell's sketchbook that I decided I needed to use my own.

I am also thankful for:
4. Creativity. I don't know how or why, but my body and soul longs to be creative. I want to use colors and textures and I want to make things with my hands. I am constantly inspired by everything around me. It hinders me from time to time because I get over excited and over committed and forget there is life beyond arts and crafts, but still I am so grateful I enjoy living a creative life.
5. A goooood cup of coffee. Every morning I got through Operation Coffee Time. Seriously. I will not drink a cup of coffee that has been sitting in the pot for over a minute. Thank goodness I can usually enjoy a good cup of coffee for 5 minutes.
6. Mr.Wonderful irons his own clothes. Hallelujah.
7. Nap time. Currently the boys take an afternoon nap that overlaps so I get a little bit of time where I can do things like unload the dishwasher, crochet, exercise, or enjoy a big fat bowl of
8. Bluebell Banana. Nut. Bread. Ice Cream. I know. Shut the front door. [sidenote: I sent Robbie to the grocery store and one of the things on the list was banana nut muffin mix. He brought home ice cream. No complaints here.]
9. Grace-forgiveness-not passing judgement. We never know what another person is going through. I am thankful I have been given grace when I fail and I hope I learn to do the same.  A friend shared this with me, and I have been keeping it in mind:
"A man was really unkind to me today at work. I kept my cool, but afterward wanted to blow up. Then my coworker explained that the man had had several strokes, which left him with a different personality than he had ever had. It reminded me that we never really know why a person is difficult to deal with. We always need to show grace and mercy."

In my sketch 
T is a paint brush and pen, H is on a coffee cup, A is an iron, N is catching some zzzz's, K is an ice cream scoop and an ice cream cone, S is green paint and has no relation to my #9. 
Also, Notice these are not IG pics! No I don't have a new camera, but I did get to use a real one for this post, AND I am very thankful. Very.

What about you?

giving thanks { days 1-3 }

I tend to whine.
I mean, probably not to y'all, okay so maybe I have whined a touch here and there, but mostly I wine, oops I meant whine, to my close friends.

When you whine you forget all the things you could be thankful for.
So let's be thankful. Each week I will share some things I am thankful for, serious and silly.
Thank you November and everyone on Facebook for the great idea ;)

by Elizabeth Caldwell  - A Day in the Life of a Mom Print

Of course these first three are a given, but still I am thankful for:

1. Mr.Wonderful, the one who 
-loves me no matter how many cabinet doors I leave open 
-helps sweep up the mountains of crumbs and dropped pieces of dinner
-takes the boys to the grocery store so I can have a few minutes alone in the house
-still holds my hand
2. the opportunity to spend every day being a mama (see above picture) and gets paid in big slobbery kisses and sticky hugs.
3. my faith... what a journey.

What about you?