don't buy balloons on a windy day

"Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease."
-Lisa Alther

cartoon by Mama Pea at

A few weeks ago we celebrated my husband's birthday.
That morning I had ideas of grandeur (notice I said that day, because you can plan a big celebration in a day, right?).
The boys and I were going to go buy a gift, get balloons, and stop by the grocery store for a few things.  During nap time I was going to cook and clean and bake.

Everything was planned, and my list was ready.
Birthday gift. Check.
Groceries. Check.
Balloons. Check.
 Spiderman and Elmo balloons, because what daddy wouldn't love those? I was feeling pretty good. Then I realized I had to get to the car with balloons, two busy little boys, and a very windy day.  I was wearing a dress. A dress apparently designed like a parachute so when I stand near our car and the wind blows it goes up to the sky. 

There I am, trying to:
- talk in a nice voice
- keep Charlie calm (he's all upset about the balloons frantically winding and twisting) 
-keep Jack on my hip (who is complete dead weight because he has no idea how to hold on when being held)
-shove balloons in our tiny car (see above description)
-keep my parachute dress from pulling a Marilyn Monroe

All the while I had somehow managed to call my friend and leave her a detailed message of everything. Let the record show, I didn't yell. Thankfully all the things I was saying in my head and under my breath didn't make it to the phone receiver, hahaha.

Of course, at the time none of this was funny. I was totally able to laugh about it after the fact when Alison called me and told me about the message. When I tweeted about the fiasco my friend Mama Pea laughed with me and made the above funny cartoon.

Motherhood is not easy, but it is funny, most of the time.
Share with me a funny mama drama story. I only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and I need a good laugh :)

InstaFriday 12/16/11 - 1/5/12

Friends in real life.
We get together once a month to craft and be silly.
It is such a wonderful time. 
I think everyone should get together with their girlfriends to do something like this.

Two weeks of Daddy home! It was awesome.

One of the crafts my friends and I chose to do was monogramed glasses.
Super fast craft. Like under 10 minutes. 

Day date in Tallahassee ♥.
I love this man.

How we wrapped presents.
I never have gift tags so using letters worked out great.

A serious discussion about Santa coming down the chimney.

My very beautiful coffee cup from Alison and a pretty little mug rug she made.

We are all saddled up for adventure.
Charlie got real cowboy boots for Christmas from my mom.
{I laugh every time I see this picture.}

The biggest painting I ever did.
It's 30x40 inches and almost as big as my kitchen table!
I made it for Alison and demanded she pick it up in person.

AND she did :)
You should know she lives 7 1/2 hours away.
And she is like a foot taller than me.
And I am standing on a step stool here.
And I saw her three times in 6 months.

I know, he's sooooo cute.

Packing up all the red and green.
Isn't this wreath my sister made for me awesome?!
I didn't want to put it away.

That's okay Charlie, all the Play-Do colors are meant to be mixed together.
After finding Play-Do in my shoe, hidden in corners of my kitchen, and in the toy box I decided we will save this toy for later.

Yes, this is the same yarn I used when I first learned to crochet.
I undid the "project" for the last time and am almost finished with it.

Life with boys.

Happy Friday!

InstaFriday 11/4 - 11/10

-last Friday = one of those days
-time change = yuck
-steppin' up
-room temperature water 
(which I like and I actually have a few IG friends who do too)
-this little piggy had waffles
-leftovers from a night of crochet, paint and Netflix
-120 brownies, half with Oreos inside 
(I couldn't make it to 160, I was too tired)
-boys and leaves

What a week!
Happy Veteran's Day.
Hope you had a wonderful week and have a nice weekend.

♥ I heart FOOD art ♥ Jill & her boys - Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

If you children are anything like mine they can be very picky when it comes to meals. When both of my boys began eating table food they would eat just about anything I offered them.
Now, not so much.
It can be very frustrating, especially because I refuse to let their meals consist of chips and cookies (most of the time), AND because they will often refuse to eat something I know they like.
In an attempt to encourage a variety of food and healthier options I chose to start playing with our food - food in the shapes of flowers and boats and silly things. One day I was just stumped. I couldn't think of anything fun to do so I went to Pinterest and searched for "kids food", and I found Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons [insert the Hallelujah chorus].

So, let's meet the creative mama behind some major food play, Jill and her three cute boys:

When did you first begin creating food art and why?
I have baked for years, but started creating silly food to get my little boys to try new things.  My oldest was a little picky about food, but not near as picky as my middle child.  Getting creative with food has opened up a whole new world of eating for him.  The boys had just as much fun helping with our silly creations in the kitchen.  My older son is the best artist of our house and he helps come up with a lot of ideas.  We started our blog to share our creations in hopes that everyone else can use our ideas and create fun food for their kids as well.

What is your favorite creation?
It's hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to say Bert and Ernie.  It's a very easy snack to make and it looks so much like them!  

Do you have any plans to further your food art?

This is really just something that I get to share with my boys and do for fun. However, we would be thrilled to be in a magazine or make a book, etc...

You can click on each image to view the directions on how to create each fun meal by Jill and her boys on her blog.
Connect with Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you so much for sharing Jill. I ♥ your FOOD art and my boys do too!

here I am.

Last Friday someone started running a fever.
I thought it was teething. When Sunday came and the fever was still there we found out I was wrong.

FOUR times a day for TEN days.
Seriously. I don't remember the date and you want me to do this.
So, if you are wondering where I have been, I have been force feeding giving doses of medicine.
We are on day... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, okay, day 5.

And we are just fine despite that face.
I honestly just lost track of the days.

We have been sharing lots of snuggles:

I have been painting lots of places and some new things:
[Last week.]

[This week.]

We have been playing with our food: 

Spending some time with Mr.Wonderful
playing games

 and taking a date-trip to Fresh Market.

And I have enjoyed using my new pretty coaster from Mosaic Madness
while reading a book (something I haven't done in over a year!).


I guess we all need an [impromptu] break sometimes :)
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a
nice holiday on Monday.
Tuesday I have someone fun for you to meet - she was the inspiration behind some of our food play.

Happy Friday!

Mandipidy's Baby Shower

Today I am getting together with some other ladies for a baby shower for Mandy.

Mandy I know you must be counting the for Miss Abigail to arrive.
Until she comes I tell you, sleep. Spend every day sleeping because you will never sleep again.
Okay, I am teasing you :)

Here are a few fun things I thought I would share with you though:

1. Diaper wipe warmers are a bit overrated. We received one for Charlie who was born in January. They did keep the wipes nice and warm, but from the time I actually got the wipe out of the warmer and kept a little, squirmy, upset baby in diaper changing position the wipe was cold. You could save the money and buy an extra pack of diapers or 2 huge boxes of wipes.

2. Swaddling is not overrated, if your baby will tolerate it. I know some friends who swear they swaddled their kids until they were 4 years old. Haha. No really, I swaddled both boys until they turned into Houdini and the Hulk and busted out. There are a ton of swaddle blankets out there and I heard the Miracle blanket is totally worth it, though we used Summer's SwaddleMe and they worked most of the time.

3. Take lots of pictures of your little one because you can never have too many.
AND you will forget so much since your brain shrinks.
On both of the boys' one year birthdays we went through the year in pictures, and it was a sweet way to remember the year and see how they grew.

{my favorite picture for obvious reason, every one is happy}

4. Baby-wearing can save your life. I wore Jack 99% more than I did Charlie, and if I could go back I would have worn Charlie.  It took a while to get used to wearing a baby in a carrier, but once we figured it out  I was able to do so much more, and he was happy because he was close to me.
I used a Moby and BabyBjorn (from a consignment sale for $15!!!), 
and have heard wonderful things about ERGO.

5. Mr.Wonderful advises to not take deep breaths while changing diapers. He has increased his lung capacity greatly over the past 2 1/2 years and mastered a breathing technique where can literally not take a breath while changing a diaper.

6. Never say never. There were so many things I said I would never do.
I will never take my child for a car ride to get them to go to sleep.
I will never let my child sleep in my bed.
I will never let my child eat [insert snack/junk food] for dinner when they won't eat anything else.
It is about survival most of the time :) and you will do what you have to do.

7.  And last but not least, just love that precious little baby.
God chose you to take care of her.
You can do it.

Do you have anything you can share with Mandy?

this is what happens when I get excited

The result of my excitement and my children taking naps:
1. laundry left unfolded
2. vanilla wafers left open on the table
3. bubble gun left on the table (out of reach of little people)
4. - 9. working on too many paintings at once

When I get excited, and I ideas start bouncing around in my head I tend to start a new painting before I finish the other four.

Thankfully, Mr.Wonderful bought me a sketch book for my birthday (back in March). He has asked me time after time when I was going to use it.
Finally this morning I decided all the ideas needed a place to live that was not in the form of an unfinished painting on my kitchen wall.

I am still excited, but now I am 1/9 more organized.
Oh, and I am very pleased to announce I have finished three flower paintings {yellows, corals, and blues}, and during nap time today I will be listing them in the shop. Or that's the plan.

sleeping like a baby

If you have ever talked to me (in person, text, email, etc.) you probably know my children don't sleep the way I would like them to.
I complain talk about it. A lot.

Before I had children I had no idea what it was like to be tired. I thought babies slept, you know, like normal humans.
Of course, I was wrong.
I read books; I read web sites; I asked doctors; I asked every friend I had; I cried; I prayed; I begged.
I kept schedules; I bounced; I rocked; I swayed.
Still both of my children preferred to sleep in my arms (Charlie for naps) or in my bed (Jack at night).

Charlie grew out of it and goes to bed happily and sleeps great through the night. He even ASKS to take a nap.  He still wakes up before the crack of dawn, but he will stay in his bed and plays, so I am happy.

Jack, oh Jack. He just feels he needs to be with me.
But last night we had a break through.
I hope.
After attempt number five (from 1:45 am to 3:00 am) I finally got him back to sleep in his crib.
So for the first time in ten months and twenty days I woke up in my bed, next to my husband, and no baby.

go mama, go!

I have not picked up a weight (not counting a 30 lb. or 20 lb. child) probably since I found out I was pregnant with Jack... so 19 months.

I like to exercise. Really, I do. It's just a little harder when you have little people.

Sunday afternoon I decided it was time for a change. I pulled out a workout a friend had made for me 3 years ago. Hoarder? Maybe. I just happened to keep it next to my Denise Austin pregnancy workout DVD that I did all of 3 times, and it was still there.

I made the mistake of choosing to do my workout with an audience.
Jack tried to crawl on me. The. Entire. Time.
Charlie accidentally got kicked in the head (he was fine).
Robbie started cheering, "Go Mama, GO!" which Charlie quickly picked up and joined in.
So for the entire time I was attempting to do the ball pass (an already very attractive exercise) I was laughing and even snorting.

The combination of the exercises and the snorting must have worked because even two days later I am still sore.
Tomorrow's workout will be done during nap time.

the very LATE Spring wreath

Well, I am pretty sure I will never make another yarn wreath again.
This one took about two months. Go ahead and laugh because I am.
I every time I went to work on it {all four times} 
the. yarn. kept. knotting. up.
I had to cut, untangle, retie about 24 times, 
and that took all the fun out of my wrapping rhythm.
It also caused some little knots 
and fuzzes that I couldn't cover.
Thank goodness no one uses our front door so it 
can be admired from afar.
I did however fall back in love with felt when I made these flowers. 
They remind me of gardenias.

It is definitely un-epic, and I am okay with that.
Just like I am okay with never making another one again and okay with never wearing jeggings.
Did I mention I will probably never make another yarn wreath again?

NEXT time I want a yarn wreath I will be hitting up these ladies:

Seriously. I am not making one ever again.

Mission *Funfetti*

This post is primarily for Amy, Alison, Joy and Lisa.
My Instagram ladies who have been keeping up with Mission *Funfetti*.

For those who bake only from *scratch*, are pastry chefs, or are avoiding sugar
please avert your eyes.

Yesterday was Mission *Funfetti*.
It was supposed Saturday, but this weekend happened.
When I went to bake the cupcakes on Monday 
I realized I had to cook something else, delaying the mission. Again.
Then as I was about to open the box yesterday I realized I didn't have enough eggs.
Thankfully, my neighbor 
(aka my mother-who-keeps-stock-in-eggs-and-only-makes-the-best-cupcakes-in-the-world) 
had some. Thanks Mama.

*Whew* Crisis averted. Almost.
As I went to open the frosting, ready to experience the goodness that is Funfetti, I realize there were no little bits of colorful candy deliciousness. It was just plain vanilla frosting.

I had no idea there was a difference in Vanilla Funfetti Frosting 
and Creamy Supreme Funfetti Vanilla Frosting.
{Big dramatic sigh.} At least Mr.Wonderful had never had these so he didn't know what he was missing.
Oh, and I ran out of sprinkles.

Despite the drama and delays the cupcakes were enjoyed.
Mr.Wonderful said they were "gooooooooooood" and left me with this:
"It was a fantastic foray into Funfetti fun." 
Yes you can laugh. Yes he is an English Major.

Someone please help me if I am ever responsible for making cupcakes again.