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This week I'd like y'all to meet Katy of Katygirl Designs.
I have several of Katy's prints, and she's the one who designed our 2012 Christmas Card. Katy = a great designer and a great friend :)

I love you more than coffee by Katygirl Designs 

1. When did you first begin designing?
I started designing in 2010, but I started creating art prints in August of 2012. And it is a journey because I am always pushing myself to learn new things.

Come fly with me by Katygirl Designs
The Sunshine by Katygirl Designs

2. What is your favorite/most sentimental creation you have made? Why?
My most favorite print is the "Great Things" print. I’m not sure why. There is not anything magical or special with it. I think the quote has really spoken to me and sometimes that's really all it takes. I really believe the quote. I live my life by it a lot. A lot of times simplicity speaks volumes and I believe that is the case with this print.

Great Things by Katygirl Designs

3. Is there a project you've always dreamed of creating? What would it be?
You know, I have always dreamed of creating wedding invites. It has always seemed so far out of my league. I did just get the opportunity to create my first one and while I was sick to my stomach with nerves the whole time (it is someone’s wedding invite!), I believe it stretched me to a whole new level of creating and designing. A dream of mine would be to design wedding invites for a company, but I feel like that is sort of far-fetched. :)

Every Season Combo by Katygirl Designs

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Katy, thanks for sharing with us today!