Have a question? Here are a few of our FAQ, but if you don't find an answer here please contact us.

Looking for the post on my favorite supplies? Go HERE.

Pen & Paint discount code. If you're looking for a discount code be sure to check Instagram. I'll post any active sales/codes there. If there isn't one available at the time you can use the code HELLO10 for 10% off your order!

Do you license your work?

Yes I do. I have had the honor of working with StudioM, Pictura USA, Open Road Brands, Papyrus, along with other wonderful companies. I am very interested in licensing my work, and I am represented by Jewel Branding & Licensing. You can contact me or Beth Franklin at Jewel directly for licensing inquires & to view my complete portfolio. 

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Absolutely! Please contact Robbie at sales@pen-and-paint.com so we can work together.

Do you do custom drawings/illustrations?

In the past some of my favorite designs have come from custom requests. If you are interested in one you can contact me. Please keep in mind I may not be able to accept your request at the time, but I'd love to hear what you are looking for.

I have a quote I'd love to have you design a print with. Can I share it with you and it not be considered a custom order?

YES. I always love hearing your ideas. If you have something special, silly, or encouraging and you want to see in as a print please let me know. I cannot promise it will end up in the shop, but I'll definitely add it to my list and let you know if/when I create it.

I do have a few prints in my shop where you can customize the text. If you message me through my shop I'll be happy to work with you with those.

Do you do blog design/logo design?

I have done some blog and logo design in the past. I am currently not doing any. I can recommend a few friends who do blog and logo design: DanielleHeather, & Aimee.

I've seen some of your paintings. Do you still paint? 

Yep! I love my paintbrushes. It's just much easier to put a pen down than it is to clean paint brushes when you have little people at your feet. When I get a chance I still love to create smaller paintings and you will find them in the shop. I always give a heads up via my social media channels when I will post them for sale b/c they sell out very quickly.

How do you create your artwork?

I choose to use a variety of mediums when I create pieces. Mostly I draw with my favorite ink pens and color my illustrations digitally. I do have a few pieces that are reproductions of acrylic paintings, drawings colored with markers, and watercolors.

What kinds of pens do you use?

I found a set of Faber Castell Pitt pens my husband bought years ago. I started using them and fell in love. Sometimes I color with Prismacolor Markers & watercolor pencils as well as Pentel markers and pencils.

What kind of paint & supplies do you use?

I use acrylic paint on stretched canvas for my small paintings. I have recently started experimenting with watercolor, and I'm enjoying learning this new medium. This blog post has a great breakdown of all of my current favorites.

Where do you buy your supplies (canvases, paints, pens)?

I purchase supplies from all over the place from my local craft store to online art supply stores to Amazon. I love a bargain so if it's on sale I stock up! I can always suggest try finding supplies at Michael's Stores. They always have great sales and coupons.

What is your process of turning your work from a drawing into a print? 

Thank you for understanding I won't be sharing exactly how I do things, but I can give you a break down. I draw a sketch, I upload it to my computer making it a digital image, then I color it. I use both photoshop and illustrator. 

I have a couple of my pieces I colored by hand and have made a reproduction of them with no digital color added. 

I suggest searching for e-courses in illustration. I am not teaching any courses or providing any instruction currently, but I know there are many talented artists and teachers out there who provide classes.

I love to draw too! Can you tell me how to get started creating art prints?

As I mentioned before I'm not currently providing instruction or classes. However, the internet is your friend! Search for illustration programs. I know you can try some programs free for 30 days. Do your homework. Search for e-classes that provide instruction on the programs you are interested in. 

What kind of printer do you use?

I currently use an Epson printer for all of my art prints and stationery in my home studio. I spent a long time researching to find the type of printer that would work best for my type of work. I suggest looking through reviews on the different printers you are interested in to find one that will best suit your needs. Simply do a search on Amazon for the model number and printer you are interested in and read what customers are saying. I found this very helpful in helping me choose mine. 

If you aren't ready to commit to a printer find a local print shop in your area who can make test prints for you. There are many artists/designers who use local or digital printers to print their products.

I hope you found this helpful! Please know I am not trying to ignore any messages or emails, but I get lots of questions and this is the best way for me to address them. I mean it when I say the internet is your friend. As a self taught artist most of what I have discovered has come by searching for what I need on google or by a happy accident.