Our Favorite Podcasts

Our Favorite Podcasts

We are big fans of podcasts around here. Whether you are in need of laughs, inspiration, business ideas, wisdom, or just some good parenting advice, there are amazing podcasts out there to meet those needs.

We are sharing a few of our favorite podcasts with you today.

What Lindsay is listening to:
Podcasts have become a part of my daily routine in the studio. I listen to audiobooks and music, but I'm most happy when I have a new podcast to listen too.

Last summer I went through a rough season I seriously needed to laugh. Enter in The Popcast. Y'all. I'm talking laugh-crying. I started with their episode 202 'The No's of Weddings' and from there I was hooked. I'm not big on pop-culture and 80% of the time I have to look up the celebrity Knox and Jamie are referring to, but I love it nonetheless. Listening to the Popcast feels like I have two funny friends sitting in the studio with me talking about things that don't matter, and that is all that matters.

Next in my podcast library is Arc Stories. This uplifting podcast is filled with people sharing their own stories in front of a live audience. You will laugh, cry, and be reminded there are wonderful people in the world.

So many times I have found myself feeling a little alone as a small business owner. It helps me to know that other business owners are going through the same thing, and I need to learn from them! For encouragement on the business front, I subscribe to How I Built This. It is so encouraging to hear how other businesses started and to hear about their successes and struggles. I am also really enjoying Women's Work. This newish podcast interviews women in the workplace from entrepreneurs to scientists to educators and everything in between. I truly enjoy 'meeting' the women Tsh (also host of The Simple Show which I subscribe to) interviews and hearing their stories.


What Andrea is listening to:

I love country music. Love it! I'm a big fan of The Bobby Bones Show, but I'm also really into hearing about what inspired songwriters to write certain songs, or how certain songs came to be, and Bobby Bones (maybe you saw him on the latest season of American Idol as the mentor to the top 24, then the top 3?!) has an extra podcast about all that behind-the-scenes goodness over on his podcast, the Bobbycast. It's sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always interesting. He's even included non-singers and songwriters in his podcast repertoire. My favorite podcast episode lately is his interview with Scott Hamilton.

If you're an Etsy seller, hands down The Merriweather Council is a can't miss podcast! Danielle has so much Etsy wisdom and has so many wise friends that are willing to share their tips and tricks with the rest of us.

Another favorite is Lewis Howes' podcasts. They are a mix of encouraging, challenging, motivating, and inspiring. You can always find some great stuff in his podcasts.

Whatever you're looking for in your latest podcast listening session, we hope you'll find just the right one for you!

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